For Physician Offices

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TransactRx Part D Vaccine Manager is the nation’s leading solution for healthcare providers to overcome the billing and reimbursement challenges associated with administering vaccines covered by Medicare Part D to their patients. With Part D Vaccine Manager, providers no longer need to file paper claims or ask their patients to pay full costs out of pocket and then try and get reimbursed The easy to use web based system enables providers to determine if a patient has Medicare Part D coverage, which Part D plan to bill, the exact amount of patient financial responsibility for a specific vaccine and the amount the provider will be reimbursed. Learn More

For Public Health Departments

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TransactRx offers the most cost effective complete billing solution for County Health Departments to bill for Pediatric and Adult vaccines and healthcare services. With one easy to use web based application you can bill Medicare Part B, Medicare Part D, Medicaid, Medicaid VFC and commercial payers for any vaccine or healthcare service. TransactRx is the only solution available today that in one application can bill both Medicare Part D pharmacy benefit claims and standard professional medical claims. TransactRx has built in all the coding and billing rules so you don’t have to have hire specialized billing staff to submit accurate and correctly coded claims. One step claims processing includes patient eligibility verification and fee schedule pricing of claims. Learn More

For Pharmacies

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Use existing pharmacy software or our web-based software to submit claims and manage reimbursement for flu, pneumonia and all other adult vaccines. Submit claims to Medicare Part B, Medicaid and Commercial Payers. Our systems work the same way you work now. Claims are submitted in standard NCPDP D.0 format through your current switch to our innovative clearinghouse that in real time checks the medical benefit eligibility of the patient and then converts the claim to an ANSI X12 837 professional medical claim that is forwarded to the patient’s insurance plan through the appropriate medical claims clearinghouse.Learn More

For Payers

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TransactRx’s unique combination of provider contracting networks and its cross-benefit clearinghouse platform provides a winning combination to assist payers of all types in increasing vaccination rates. TransactRx expands access to your members and increases your member’s choices for where to receive vaccines. Increased access and convenience turns into higher vaccination compliance rates, higher quality scores and higher satisfaction of members and providers. Learn More

For Manufacturers

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Complex and confusing reimbursement rules and benefit structures for adult vaccines have raised hurdles impeding the sales of vaccines to healthcare providers of all types. Physician Offices, Public Health Providers and Pharmacies all have concerns about buying and stocking vaccines if they are unsure of how to check their patient’s eligibility and benefit coverage for the vaccines and how they are supposed to bill and get reimbursement for the vaccines. TransactRx was founded specifically to create solutions for these issues. Our services provide a low cost and easy way to implement a solution for providers of all types. TransactRx has over 20,000 providers in over 9,000 healthcare facilities that have enrolled to use our services and we have facilitated the reimbursement process for over a half million patients. We have tailored solutions for Physician Offices, County Health Departments, Pharmacies and Shot Clinic/Nursing Associations. Learn More