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Buy and Bill Vaccines

Complex and confusing reimbursement rules and benefit structures for adult vaccines have raised hurdles impeding the sales of vaccines to healthcare providers of all types. Physician Offices, Public Health Providers and Pharmacies all have concerns about buying and stocking vaccines if they are unsure of how to check their patient’s eligibility and benefit coverage for the vaccines and how they are supposed to bill and get reimbursement for the vaccines.TransactRx was founded specifically to create solutions for these issues.

Our services provide a low cost and easy way to implement a solution for providers of all types to:

  • Determine a patient’s eligibility for Medicare Part B, Medicare Part D, Medicaid and
  • Commercial insurance plans, Determine a patient’s financial responsibility for a given vaccine before the vaccine is administered
  • Determine what the provider’s reimbursement for the vaccine will be
  • Submit claims for any payer type in one consistent manner
  • Receive and manage payments for submitted claims

TransactRx has over 20,000 providers in over 9,000 healthcare facilities that have enrolled to use our services and we have facilitated the reimbursement process for over a half million patients. We have tailored solutions for Physician Offices, County Health Departments, Pharmacies and Shot Clinic/Nursing Associations.

Contact us to see how TransactRx can partner with your brand teams and field sales organizations to provide solutions that overcome sales objections and increase sales of Buy and Bill vaccines.