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Cross Benefit Clearinghouse

TransactRx has developed and operates a unique transaction platform in the healthcare marketplace it has named the Cross Benefit Clearinghouse. This highly scalable, fault tolerate transaction platform seamlessly integrates the national NCPDP based real-time pharmacy switching and PBM based transaction infrastructure and the national X12 based batch medical claim clearinghouse and payer infrastructure. The Cross Benefit Clearinghouse is independent of any specific switch or clearinghouse and can be used by any provider using any pharmacy switch or medical claims clearinghouse. Users of the Cross Benefit Clearinghouse use their own existing systems and workflows without any new software or the need to modify current software systems.

Enabling Unique Benefit Design

The Cross Benefit Clearinghouse enables pharmacy benefit managers and payers new freedoms in benefit design and insurance design. The platform removes the constraints on which products can be covered by medical or pharmacy benefits.

Some of the Organizations that Benefit from our Transaction Services