Nationwide Provider Network

The TransactRx Part D Provider Network enables Medical Providers of all types to submit claims to contracted Medicare Part D plans

Contracted plans represent over 90+% of all Medicare Part D covered lives across all 50 states. The TransactRx Part D Provider Network is contracted with over 40,000 medical providers in over 15,000 practice locations.

Enrolling in the network gives you access to Vaccine Manager, providing a large number of web based software tools for submitting and managing pharmacy claims and payments.

Provider Enrollment

Enrolling in the TransactRx Provider Network is fast and easy.

1 Organize the information necessary for enrollment:

Account information - This is your Practice or Business Name and mailing address. Payment information for ACH or Check delivery is required.

Administrative User - The primary system administrator and point of contact for your Account. An email address and direct phone number for this user is required. This is the person who will be person responsible for managing your Vaccine Manager account and the TransactRx relationship.

Site (Practice) Information - Sites are the location/place of service, usually defined as physical office locations. An account may have one or multiple sites. Every Account must have a least one site and a site is required to be added for each location that will be submitting claims. You will need to enter a valid NPI for each Site. Sites can have different Tax Id’s or all use one Tax Id.

Physician Information - This information is required by each physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant that will be administering and billing for vaccines. You will need to enter a valid and current DEA Number, State Medical License Number and an NPI that is unique to the administering provider.

2 Enter your information

Complete all information on the next page. When complete click on the Continue button. You will be forwarded to the TransactRx Portal to complete your enrollment.

3 Electronically Sign the Provider Network Agreement

At the end of the Enrollment Application you will be asked to electronically sign the Provider Network Agreement. The agreement needs to be downloaded and/or printed before it can be electronically signed. Please read it carefully.

4 Application Review/ Validation and Account Activation:

TransactRx will immediately review all submitted information and if complete will authorize the activation of your Account in the network. An email will be sent to the Primary Administrator notifying of the authorization. If any information is missing or there are any issues you will be contacted by a TransactRx representative for assistance.

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