Medicare Online Billing Services

Billing for Medicare Covered Vaccines is Now a Lot Easier With Our Medicare Billing Software

TransactRx is proud to partner with industry leading healthcare companies such as Physicians' Alliance of America. We work with healthcare partners to facilitate a range of information on healthcare topics for our customers. Being the nation's leading vaccine billing solution has enabled us to develop partnerships with reputable companies that serve various needs in the healthcare space. We strive to continue to develop these partnerships to increase industry information and help to our customers.TransactRx offers complete, cost effective Medicare billing services for healthcare facilities that administer vaccines. This includes pharmacies, public health departments and physician practices. Our Medicare billing software is web-based and easy to use. It integrates seamlessly with many health IT solutions and allows all provider types to optimize vaccine billing over time.

With the healthcare industry moving in the direction of electronic record maintenance and digital claims processing, TransactRx is a fitting solution. Our software simplifies Medicare Part D and Part B billing by automating vaccine claim submissions and eliminates the need for paper claims. Plus, the streamlined, easy-to-navigate interface makes billing Medicare easier than ever.

Administer vaccines to patients who need them

Although most patients get reimbursed for administered vaccines, many cannot afford the out of pocket costs and thus forego receiving vaccinations that could prevent potentially life-threatening illnesses. This is not a problem with TransactRx's Medicare billing software.

By using TransactRx with real-time eligibility verification, physicians can determine:

  • How much they will be paid for administering a specific vaccine
  • What the patient's financial responsibility is
  • Whether the patient has Medicare Part D or Part B coverage
  • Which plan should be billed for Medicare

Being able to obtain this information at the point of care allows providers to administer vaccines to patients who need them most. This means no more asking patients for full payment upfront and mailing out reimbursements once Medicare has paid.

Web-based Software for Billing Medicare

TransactRx is a leading provider of Medicare billing solutions for all types of healthcare facilities and medical providers. Our software allows physicians, pharmacies and health departments to bill Medicare and other health insurance carriers for the administration of vaccines. By using our software you can:

  • Check patient eligibility
  • Submit claims in real time
  • Monitor the status of submitted claims
  • Create reports to track and manage claims and payments

Interested in learning more about our Medicare billing services and software? Contact us today for a free demo.