Medicaid Billing Services

Bill Medicaid for Vaccines and Healthcare Services with Our Easy to Use Medicaid Billing Software

TransactRx offers a fast and easy way for public health departments to automate the Medicaid billing process for vaccines. Our Medicaid billing software allows for direct, electronic submission of claims to Medicaid, resulting in faster reimbursement.

We understand that, for Medicaid providers, vaccine billing is a time-consuming process - and inaccurate data submissions can result in claims denials and delays in payment. To address these problems, we have designed a comprehensive Medicaid billing software solution that allows healthcare providers to:

  • Eliminate the hassle and expense of paper billing
  • Reduce claim denials and delays in payment
  • Have better control over your accounts receivables
  • Provide a safe, reliable means of storing protected health and billing information
  • Spend less time on clerical work and more time with patients

TransactRx's Medicaid billing services are also designed to meet the Medicaid requirements of each state and of the managed Medicaid plans. This ensures that even the smallest oversights can be avoided and that accurate billing is carried out from beginning to end.

Stop Wasting Time on Medicaid Billing

Using TransactRx allows public health departments to eliminate outdated and time-consuming paper-based processes. Instead, users can start billing Medicaid right away and increase access to vaccines - all without the hassle of hidden software or transaction fees.

Our web-based software is streamlined and user friendly, reducing the learning curve and simplifying the claim submission process. It also integrates with other healthcare software, such as electronic medical record solutions, further simplifying the transfer of patient data and removing many of the hassles involved with Medicaid billing.

HIPPA-Compliant Medicaid Billing Software

TransactRx is focused on providing simple and profitable Medicaid billing solutions that comply fully with HIPAA regulations. Our software allows healthcare professionals to efficiently manage important billing and demographic information while ensuring the complete privacy and security of patient data.

Health Departments using TransactRx can:

  • Verify patient eligibility
  • Submit HIPAA-compliant claims directly to Medicaid plans
  • View the status of submitted claims
  • Resubmit denied claims after corrections have been made
  • Create reports to track claims and payments

Get back to the business of providing care. Contact us online or call 800-971-5500 to take advantage of our Medicaid billing software today.