Transact Rx Corporate Profile

POC Network Technologies, Inc. d.b.a. TransactRx (TransactRx) was founded in January 2007 by a group of experienced health care professionals with the goal of providing innovative technology based solutions for the challenges presented by the billing and reimbursement of vaccines across all types of health care providers and insurance types.

TransactRx delivers its services through its proprietary technology platform providing a number of unique features specific to the administration of vaccines and other pharmaceutical products at the point of care. The TransactRx technology platform is made up of a state-of-the-art cross-benefit clearinghouse, web based provider portal and a robust set of web based claims and payment processing applications.

PNT also has created and operates a number of unique provider contracting networks that allow non-traditional providers and facility types to become in-network providers for a broad set of government and commercial payers. For instance, physicians can contract to become pharmacy network providers and pharmacies can contract to become professional medical network providers.

The TransactRx Clearinghouse, Web based software applications and provider contracting networks establish an end-to-end claims processing and reimbursement management infrastructure that reduces the financial risk to providers, allows insurers to manage the utilization and costs of these drugs at a detailed level and reduces the barriers for drug manufacturers to increase their sales.